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Mythic Twin Ogron

Kesandri posted Jan 11, 15

Heroic Highmaul cleared. Time for Mythic!
Hey everyone!

Almost 3 weeks have now passed since the launch of WoD and so far everything has proceeded as planned. Our mythic raid team roster is looking almost there with our first raid going out on Wednesday night when heroics unlock. We also have our social raid team delving into the normal content on Thursday so there is plenty of raiding going around for all members.

So far the general mood of all is that WoD is looking to be a good xpac, though so far it's had its faults (that first week huh!). We will be entering Highmaul with a positive outlook after most of our members have munched their way through a good chunk of the content so far and overall the levels of members online have reflected the standard of Draenor.

With regards to recruitment we are once again looking to bolster our roster with 1 vacancy. Primarily we are looking for a Deathknight and while other class applications will always be considered, at this stage it is unlikely we will have room for anything else.
We are still very much recruiting more social minded members for our new social raid team.

Finally I am happy to say that WITB has had its largest active playerbase online since the guilds creation averaging 34 members online on any given night, this I have to say has been an amazing feat and one we all hope to see continue into the coming months.

The next month is going to be an extremely busy one with the new raid tier going live and also that little thing called xmas just around the corner..... Ho Ho Ho.
With that said we would want to wish everyone a great holiday season and hopefully will be even better with a successful raid progression in heroic and mythic content!

(Still a mage, now stop asking :p)

Teaser Time

Kesandri posted Nov 12, 14