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The year is closing out with a bang! December is one of our favorite months each year for many reasons, but the biggest may be the fireworks over the cities of Azeroth on the last day of the month. Read on to get a look at all sorts of h...
Published Dec 1, 2015
They’re coming. Demon hunters, disciples of Illidan Stormrage, uphold a dark legacy, one that frightens their allies and enemies alike. The Illidari embrace fel and chaotic magics—energies that have long threatened the world of Azer...
Published Nov 30, 2015
We have some big news concerning some of the smallest residents in Azeroth. Gnome players will at long last be able to play the Hunter class! That’s right—in World of Warcraft: Legion, you too will be able to rise up to become a big ...
Published Nov 25, 2015

WITB vs Mythic Gorefiend

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Oct 31, 15

Mythic Gorefiend

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Oct 29, 15

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer Did I forget to mention its extension all the way to archimonde? ...
Phobos Raid 1 Too bad we need to kill this again. Lets hope we don't need to wait another 4 weeks for the next kill. ...

Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Sep 28, 15

Zhudar Raid 1 Woohoo! A screenshot with tree's. Great treeshot.

The monthly mupdate (if months were years!)

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Sep 22, 15

Righteo been a while but I'll try to bring you all up to speed with what WITB has been up to recently and the daily goings on.


In usual fashion as the progress race for some finishes WITB starts making its move. Heroic HFC progress was tedius and slow and the majority of us would probably agree at times we felt we should have been progressing a little bit faster however in recent weeks we have really started to motor along recording a new mythic boss each week.

The guild currently sits at 4/13 Mythic wth number 5 expected this lockout. We are happy with our current position when considering we have come through a very trying time recruitment wise when trying to maintain a regular mythic 20 man roster.


Over the past few months we've all seen friends drop away from the game which has at times been very testing while trying to keep chugging along. We are delighted to say over the past month we have not only managed to recruit but recruit players we hope will be here for the longterm, players who seem to appreciate what WITB has to offer and what they can offer to WITB too!

We now have a stable 24 man roster which should enable us to deliver consistant raiding which has been WITB's strength in recent years. We are however never complacent and would love to recruit 1 more dps to maintain that stabilty that I mentioned, a mage would be an awsome recruitment!

September trials and new members

I would firstly like to congratulate Agns and Huntermouse to the team after coming through their trials. In their few weeks with us they have very much established themselves as witb members.

We have a few people currently trialing having joined recently and those are... Arqz, Bionic, Monkeyheart, Rejuvenation and Yanea. I am sure a can speak for everyone in wishing them the best and hopefully will see them joining us permanently in the coming weeks.

Recent mythic kill videos

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Sep 22, 15