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Published Jul 23, 2014
Every few days, heroes of Azeroth are called upon to focus their collective efforts on a specific PvP battleground. This is known as a Call to Arms, and from July 22-24, battle will rage in Twin Peaks. If you’re new to the battleground...
Published Jul 22, 2014
Built upon the remnants of an ogre civilization, Ashran looks deceptively like a nice enough island just off the coast of Tanaan Jungle. And it probably would be a lovely place to visit if not for the never-ending tug-of-war between the ...
Published Jul 21, 2014
As from last Wednesday Whats in the boX are now a 25 man heroic guild after successfully completing its first 25 man run, which included killing the first 7 bosses with minimal wipes.

From this point onwards the guild will be steadily progressing though Siege of Orgrimmar while also running normal 10 man SoO runs and its regular flexi too. 

We will be keeping all recruitment open for the forseeable future as we look to build on our already solid community, offering a variety of raiding including 25 man heroic, 10 man heroic (until WoD) and Flexi + achievement runs each week.

We are now accepting applications for our new 25 man Heroic raid team.

We are ideally looking for players already geared and experienced for an heroic level of raiding however if you feel you are a very good player but lack the gear also please apply.

To apply either create an application in our forum sections or click the recruitment link at the top of the page.

Siege of Orgrimmar completed.
Realm 1st Achievement.
A day for everyone in WITB to remember.
Azraelis Watched the video last night, awesome job!
Shadylane Congratulations all ...
Tib Good job to everyone for not giving up and a thanks for those that supported us!

We sure Klaxxi'd them!

Totally a mammoth 171 wipes blackfuse was simply the hardest encounter WITB has faced in recent raiding however, after managing to find a solution to running 3 melee the attempts became closer and closer until that 1 fateful try with 7 raid members dead on the floor blackfuse succumbed.
What an effort from the team!
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