Realm Rank 6
Region Rank 1631
World Rank 2878
Raid 1
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The first batch of BlizzCon 2015 tickets will go on sale Thursday, April 16 at 4:00 a.m. CEST through Eventbrite. Click here to buy tickets Thursday at 4 a.m.! If you’re going to try for tickets, you might want to check out the tic...
Published Apr 18, 2015
Patch 6.2 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR)! Participating on the Public Test Realms lets you test patches before it has been released on live realms. If you'd like to help test and provide feedback, you can st...
Published Apr 18, 2015
In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at some of the content in World of Warcraft where you might need a helpful nudge in the right direction—maybe you’re stuck, maybe you got sidetracked, or maybe you don’t even know how to b...
Published Apr 16, 2015

Oregorger (Mythic)

Sagira a posted Sun at 23:30

Beastlord Darmac (Mythic)

Sagira a posted Apr 6, 15

Beastlord Darmac Mythic

Sypher No moo face
Kesandri awsome job, looks like I'm not needed anymore so wow break here I come!
Shándié Good job guys!!! Well done

WITB are now looking for additional DPS and a Healer for Mythic progression.

If you are looking to join a stable guild who have raided every tier since ulduar then apply.

We welcome applications from anyone who feels WITB is the guild for them.

Finally heroic cleared with the demise of Blackhand.

Mythic Awaits.

Mythic Brackenspore

Kesandri posted Mar 24, 15

Mythic Number 3

Adrenalynz bit of a fast upload