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Published Apr 18, 2014
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Published Apr 17, 2014
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Published Apr 17, 2014

We sure Klaxxi'd them!

Totally a mammoth 171 wipes blackfuse was simply the hardest encounter WITB has faced in recent raiding however, after managing to find a solution to running 3 melee the attempts became closer and closer until that 1 fateful try with 7 raid members dead on the floor blackfuse succumbed.
What an effort from the team!
Our 2nd raid team is currently looking for 1 or possibly 2 new members to add to its existing for upcoming heroic raiding. The team has just recently cleared normal and will begin on the next stage of progression in the next week or two.
Ideally the team is looking for a Warlock or Druid but do encourage anyone to apply as any good applications will be considered.

We have also started looking towards Warlords of Draenor and are encouraging those who are interested to stick an application in so we can come have a chat with you, we have several idea's to make the transition from 10 to 20 man raiding as smooth as possible for everyone.

Might not have been our idea set up/Team, However we got there in the end guys.
Good Job!!

53 Stupidly long corpse runs later and WITB yet again making dino's extinct.
Heroic number 11 done and realm 2nd to go along!
Kesandri ta bud ...
Arith grats on the kill ...
Sagira a Yay One of those Bosses you want to kill at some point just to make him suffer for all the corpse runs we had to endure ...
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