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After he recently visited Blizzard to interview World of Warcraft Assistant Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, we were thrilled to spend a little time talking to community leader and all-around beloved personality Jesse Cox. Before he had a...
Published May 31, 2016
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Published May 31, 2016
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Published May 31, 2016

Mythic Archimonde

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Apr 29, 16

A massive effort from the team with more wipes than ever before on one encounter in the history of our guild. Persistance and dedication has been rewarded with Mythic completion this evening. 

Onwards to Legion for the next chapter in WITB's History.

The Roll call is as follows of those who attended the kill and those who contributed yet couldnt be there -

Anci, Astrex, Auyl, Bionic, Danapele, Depsi, Dewkr, Druvila, Graciously, Gunzerker, Honith, Insane, Kesandri, Neubia, Monkeyheart, Pixisham, Qwack, Rejuvenation, Sagira, Shadylane, Shandié, Tap, Tib, Vailet, Zhudar

Sypher You forgot to add Sypher to the list. Well done noobs.
Zonkar Fantastic! Very happy for you! Was rooting for you with all my heart
Zhudar Raid 1 Very nice! Good job all

Mythic Mannoroth

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Mar 3, 16

Mannoroth finally dead after more wipes than we care to mention! 

The end of the tier is in sight just the minor detail that is archimonde stands in the way.

Auyl Raid 1 This isn't a montage.. God damnit Moobs.
Sypher Well done
Shadylane Raid 1 they all blurred into 1 so doesn't that mean they just count as 1 Montage anyone ?

Mythic Shadow-Lord Iskar

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Dec 13, 15

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Dec 13, 15

Mythic Socrethar the Eternal

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Dec 13, 15